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As a startup in Malatya Teknokent to provide technological, fast and cost-effective services and solutions  It was established on 16/07/2021. 

We opened our West Branch in Technopark Istanbul in September 2021. In this way, we will be able to work remotely with the advantages of the Malatya region as the Head Office, as well as physically with you with the Batı Istanbul Office. 

In a short time, we started joint studies with the relevant engineering departments of universities.

Although the company was newly established, our personnel within the company are experienced and they can use their knowledge and experience here.  We plan to bring new young friends to the R&D system by transferring them to engineer candidates.

We are currently doing software projects with Turkcell and BMCPower. Our realtime programs that provide communication between machines in the Industry4.0 field work on more than 20 machines.

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