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Tigris Private 5G LabKit

All units required for use in academic studies are brought together  We have prepared an end-to-end 4&5G NSA full network LabKit.

The aim is to study courses and thesis at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels:

  • Device / user equipment development,

  • Air interface RF and antenna technologies,

  • CPRI, eCPRI, open front haul technologies,

  • Partial or holistic algorithm/code development for all layers of PDCP, SDAP, RRC, MAC, PHY L/H,

  • Core network

To provide a research environment in their fields.

Meanwhile, all codes can be seen and all  messaging packets will be traceable with wireshark.

5G Şebeke: Araştırma
5G Şebeke: Görüntü
5G Şebeke: Liste
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